Scanners/Pin Pads

Visron has developed a unique area of expertise around the use of scanners and pin pads for custom applications and we have produced 10's of thousands of units for a variety of industries.

Please contact us to see some of our samples to determine if one of our current units satisfies your needs. We can also work with you to create custom solutions adapted and designed to meet your specifications.

Visron supplies two versions of the pin pad/bar code reader:

The first version of the IDR2 Pinpad / Bar Code Reader is a custom application designed to work with point of sale system’s and other custom software interfaces that require a barcode reader or pin pad. This is accomplished through a proprietary USB interface. A microcontroller within the IDR2 Pinpad, receives input from the pinpad keypad and the pin pad bar code scanner, and outputs data via USB converter, to a proprietary USB driver loaded on the host computer.

The second version of the IDR2 Pinpad/Bar Code Reader, is a device that communicates with any computer through a non-proprietary USB interface, using a standard HID interface. This allows a user to input pinpad keypad entries, or barcode scans directly into the users application (Spread Sheets, Documents, etc.), as if the data had been entered using a standard computer keyboard.


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